Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Countdown to Chicago

Great walk on July 10, all the way up to the tennis courts in Riverside Park, then all the way down to the Financial District, and an Adrienne's pizza lunch. Some of us then finished the route walking back to Penn Station.

Sadly, without Roberta, there are no pictures to post. I got one or two of us with my camera, but, lo-tekkie that I am, the pictures are still in my throw-away Kodak. When that role is finally done, someone will have to teach me how to get all 27 or so pictures published on this blog.

The Chicago walk is just 3 1/2 weeks away. Michigan is just a week later. I think that we should plan a walk for the weekend after I return from Chicago, just so we can be walking at the same time Jen is doing her first 3-Day in Michigan.

Meanwhile, still looking for more walkers for an NYC walk on Sunday, July 18.


  1. Hey ... Look what I got ...
    A GPS!
    Now I'll be able to record our walk with pictures ... and we'll know the EXACT mileage!
    See you Sunday!
    ps--click on the blue and it will take you to my blog!

  2. hmmmm ... no blue! Click on the "A GPS" and it will take you to my blog!

  3. duhr ... it doesn't take you to my blog ... never mind. I'll show you Sunday!