Sunday, May 15, 2011

It has been a L-O-N-G time! Burt's Babes Lesley, Sandy, and Roberta take a walk.

Hello Burt's Babes!
It has been some time since a post has been made on our blog ... so I decided it's time ... and here we are!
I have missed this year's training walks with Burt.  So I have tried to make up for it by taking the LIRR in to Penn to meet my training buddies.  Pictured above is Lesley, Yours Truly, and Sandy.  We met yesterday to walk up the Hudson as far as 145th Street, where Sandy (our training leader for the day) had found an unexpected garden near the water treatment plant.
Let me take you on our route:
We started off at Penn and walked up to the water.
Our first stop (for me to take a picture) was
The Intrepid.
We liked this little bottle ... that turned out to be some sort of submarine thing ...
... and I made the girls pose ... of course.
We walked through Riverside Park, mixing in with the usual bikers, runners, walkers, soccer players, dog walkers, etc.  I did not take pictures ... but I will tell you that Sandy reminded us to stop to hydrate and ... you know ... use the facilities.
I think we were somewhere in the "hundreds" when I took this picture:
Lesley and Sandy were reading the signage and deciding where to go.
What do I know?  I'm an Island girl.  I was happy to be along for the walk!
We finally did reach the Water Treatment Plant and the gardens that Sandy had found on another walk.
It's the unexpected beauty in this city that makes it so wonderful!
We walked on through Riverbank State Park ... a fantastic recreational facility... back to 134th Street, where we stopped for a picnic lunch (purchased at Fairway).
Sandy found this "Footsteps" sign on her last walk.  Appropriate, eh?
After lunch we started back. We walked through some breathtaking areas ...

...with lots of steps! (But who's complaining?)
We saw this license plate near Grant's  Tomb and I couldn't resist a picture:

I was excited to see Grant's Tomb ... and wondered ... "Who's buried there?
 (That's an old joke ... I think)

 We found our way back ... We were out for 5-6 hours ...
Sandy's pedometer said 15.3 miles ... Lesley's said 13.7 ... I didn't wear mine.  All I can say for sure is ... it was a lot of walking ... and a wonderful time.
I look forward to meeting you newbies and reconnecting with old friends next week when I finally meet up with Burt and y'all.

Keep walking!
Atlanta, 2011

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