Sunday, May 22, 2011

Penn Station to Coney Island ... May 22, 2011

Hello fellow walkers.
I finally joined Burt ... and his babes (and boys) on a long overdue training walk.
Today was the first (I'm assuming) of 2 walks to Coney Island.  That's around 20 miles (give or take) from Penn Station to Nathan's Original.
 Here we are ... yours truly ... and your leader Burt.
(My feet were feeling pretty good when this picture was taken ... but then ... we hadn't started our walk!)
We took the regular route Penn Station--upper, Amtrak, level, in front of TGI Fridays, right near the 8th Avenue, 33rd Street exit.Then west on 34th Street to the Hudson, down the River to the Seaport, over the Brooklyn Bridge, through downtown Brooklyn, across the Gowanus, through Prospect Park, then down Ocean Parkway to the ocean, and along the boardwalk to the Original Nathan’s Famous. 
Please don't be too disappointed with me.
1--I forgot to charge my camera battery (yeah ... I hear some of you cheering!) but I was able to get 2 fabulous shots in before the camera died.
 I don't remember seeing this lovely statue of Ulysses last year ... and how could I have missed it.  I noticed that a number of cameras came out to get a shot of this fine specimen of a Greek god!
And then ... of course ... I found a great photographer to catch us at "Eyes."
 (By the way, I learned something new today, Sandy does NOT like this sculpture. She's a good sport, though, and posed with the group!)

2--I did NOT make it all the way to Nathan's.  I punked out just over the Brooklyn Bridge and took the subway back to Penn.  My dogs were barking ... and I had to give them a break. (I am not whining ... I am only sharing important information.)  I do NOT, as a result, have a picture of us celebrating at Nathan's ... but, perhaps, someone who made it all the way can post their picture here. 

I want to thank the group for a GREAT walk.  I enjoyed meeting the newbies and reconnecting with old friends. And, of course, thank you BURT!  You're the greatest!

I look forward to seeing y'all NEXT TIME! (and there WILL be a next time!)

Roberta--Atlanta 2011

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