Saturday, June 18, 2011

Up Sheets Creek

Yup ... I walked up Sheets Creek today.  Sheets Creek East that is!  Sheets Creek is on Manhasset Isle ... and it's a pretty little spot where it looks like someone has built lovely condos.
Here's what you see just beyond Sheets Creek:
LaMotta's Restaurant and ...

another marina!
I like this marina because there are really nice little houseboats here. (See them on the rightish?)
I decided not to do the training walk to Governor's Island today.  I thought I'd give my poor foot and the old plantar fasciitis a break.
I was out for about two-and-a-half hours ... so let's call it 6 miles today (allowing for slow walking and stopping to get water and a Planters Peanut Bar...DELICIOUS!)  The heel feels ok.  I know that wearing flip flops is a BIG mistake ... so I'm going to order some special sandals today as a gift to myself ... and to my poor feet!
WOW Burt's Babes ... and Sandy's Sistahs ... I meant to put this on my blog!  Sorry!
Instead of deleting it, though, I'll leave it here for you to read.
This is what I did today!
I'll walk with y'all next time!

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