Monday, June 6, 2011

34th to Inwood and back ... June 5th

Here we are walkers... posing for that Vogue photographer someone snagged on our training walk from 34th to Inwood and back on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day ... a great day for a 20 mile training walk.
We started at 34th ... our usual spot ... and walked up the Hudson.
I asked someone to take this picture of me at the Intrepid.  It's not a great picture of me, and that is disappointing, but doesn't that ship look great?
At this point, you were still happy with me and didn't mind stopping for a picture.  By the time we got to Grandpa's Pizza you were beginning to change your mind ... yes?  You have to admit, this is a GREAT shot of Burt and his Babes!
We were supposed to walk straight past the water treatment plant ... but hit a detour!
Eventually we arrived at "Sandy's Garden" where she took time out to smell the roses.  (Look at Burt in the background ... I don't think he wanted to take time out!!!)
The only TRUE FRIEND at this point was Monica.  When I wanted a nice picture of the bridge in the background, everyone else continued to walk.  Thank you Monica.
We finally made it to the bridge and to the lighthouse.  Burt took this picture.  I like!
We turned off here ... on our way to pizza.  
Now, I don't want you to think I was whining ... no walkers ... I was just sharing information about my feet ... and that hill ... 
We did NOT stop at the Cloisters ... but I wanted to be able to say I saw the Cloisters. 
Finally ... after a while ... we arrived in Inwood and walked on Broadway until we made it to our lunch destination.  This is where I left you after around 11 miles.  
And this is the lunch crowd at Grandpa's Pizza:
and ...
Thank you Burt ... for another great walk!
(Hope y'all finished the trip blister free!)

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